Introducing Gamerized

Gamerized, LLC is a social network platform that provides high tech tools and quality opportunities to connect and promote gamers and artists around the world, and offers several solutions to the many problems these individuals face while building their individual brand and business. These features include but are not limited to:

SOCIAL: The ability to connect, engage, interact and share individual talent with new friends and potential fans. The user is able to broadcast their Twitch livestream and interact with viewers directly from the news feed, gaining more exposure and earning Affiliate status faster than ever before. 

TOURNAMENTS: The ability to create, host, and join both free and paid live tournaments. With no third-party payments, no site commission fee, and better SEO, Gamerized is the top choice for organization leaders and independent gamers for coordinating friendly and competitive tournaments.  

VIDEOS: The ability to upload and store pre-recorded content on an individual profile where users can subscribe to and share their favorite content creators and videos with their friends. This feature also allows broadcasters to create additional content for their fans to view during off-air hours, increasing value for their fan base.  

MUSIC: The ability for indie artists and musicians to connect and engage with new fans, and provide royalty free music for gamers to use during their live broadcast without fear of being shut down or fined. The music platform also provides the artists with the ability to upload songs and albums and have them available for individual purchase. By giving artist the opportunity to engage with their fans on a more personal level, Gamerized is helping both gamers and musicians alike build their individual businesses in a new, more effective way. 






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